The Garden Faithful podcast: Alexis Lafrenière’s struggles could be mostly mental

If Alexis Lafrenière had physical problems, it could be easy for the 20-year-old wing to turn around a drab season. However, MSG Networks analyst and CEO of Clear Sight Analytics Steve Valiquette said Lafrenière missed his Chris Kreider and increased ice time in his last three games, but the player’s I’m watching you suffer severely from the mental side of the game.

“As a former player, I feel sorry for him. The Garden Faithful podcast. “It’s the biggest part of your day. There is nothing about

“In my opinion, the only time someone gets better is when they’re in pain. Now we’re not talking physical or technical, we’re talking mental. It’s very important now, please solve the problem you have.”

Valiquette delivered a moment from his own goalkeeping career when he was struggling in the ECHL while playing for Bruce Cassidy at Trenton. “It was a moment to look in the mirror and say, ‘Should I quit or commit more?’ Previously, he had only 11 scoring chances in eight games, finishing 10th for the Rangers in that period.

“It’s really hard to be a great player if you don’t have the chance to score,” Barriquet said. “What’s frustrating is when it doesn’t even look like it. He’s going through that now.”

Lafrenière had a golden opportunity in the opening minutes of Sunday’s 1-1 loss to the Canadiens. His quick shot appeared to be deflected aside by Canadiens goalkeeper Sam Montambour’s stick, but Lafrenière did not confirm it was a slam dunk. “The mind will play tricks on you and the body will work out what the mind can’t work out,” said Barrickett. I’ve seen a lot from , but it’s mental.It’s a mental error.”

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