“The New Rise Garden is the only fully modular indoor smart garden on the market”

Rise Gardens, maker of award-winning home hydroponics systems, today unveiled at CES 2023 a new top-of-the-line fully modular garden that enables the largest number and widest variety of plants to grow anywhere. did. System – Up to 108 different plants at once.

Recognized as a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree* in the Food & Ag Tech category, New Rise Garden offers an array of accessories such as trellises and plant stands to grow anything from root crops (radish, beets) to climbing crops. can grow. (beans, peas), large flowering plants (tomatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, peppers), microgreens, even leafy vegetables and herbs.

While other indoor garden systems are made of plastic and PVC pipes, New Rise Garden uses powder-coated metal in a variety of colors and real wood construction to fit any room in any size home. It has an upscale, minimalist aesthetic that goes well with Wi-Fi enabled and app controlled, no guesswork required. Equipped with smart hydroponics technology, New Rise Garden self-waters and self-fertilizes. The app tells you exactly when to add nutrients and water, lets you manage your lights, and track your growth progress. harvest. The system also features Alexa integration for voice control. And unlike other indoor smart gardens on the market, his IoT connectivity in Rise Gardens is available to all customers, not just subscribers. The system will be on display and demonstrated at Amazon’s Experience He area in The Venetian.

And Rise Gardens’ proprietary nursery system and three-part nutrient and pH management products ensure the best possible growing success. Additionally, Rise Gardens offers the largest variety of seed pods of any system on the market.

With this latest release, Rise Gardens has created a system that is even easier to clean than its predecessor, is easier and faster to assemble, has more durable electronics, and has several features such as a larger reservoir. Did. can grow. Additionally, New Rise Garden has added additional colors, including charcoal hues, to match any home decor.

“New Rise Garden is the only fully modular indoor smart garden on the market. No other system offers this level of flexibility and productivity,” said Hank Adams, CEO and founder of Rise Gardens. I’m here. “With this latest release, we have improved on the features that already set our brand apart: productivity, functionality and a sleek, minimalist design aesthetic.”

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