The One Color You Should Avoid Using In Your Garden

You might not think it, but purple is actually a pretty rare color in nature, as the Natural History Museum points out. It’s bright, bold, absolutely gorgeous, and often associated with animals that can kill you.

Given what purple symbolizes, it is usually associated with magic, mysticism, fame, wealth and royalty. This is because purple dye was incredibly difficult to make in the 16th century BC (via the University of Michigan). Only the richest and most powerful individuals could afford it. In some cultures, however, purple takes on darker and more ominous motifs. According to K International, in Thailand, Latin America, South America, and parts of Europe, purple actually symbolizes death.

Too much purple adds a muted feel to the garden and can make it feel a little dark. Of course, a touch of purple is fine, but don’t recreate a Tim Burton movie by planting moody flowers in your garden. That may be fine for some people, but you don’t shout, “Spring has come,” right?

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