The Rarest Items And How To Get Them

There are 11 types of items in the super leisurely idle game “Garden Galaxy”. Each set has its own rarity, making some items more likely to be obtained than others. It’s the perfect way to design a peaceful escape for your family.

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Some objects in this game stand out from others, so it’s good to know where to focus your attention and which collections to look for the cutest items. This list details what the rarest items do, how to find them, and how to decorate them in cool ways.

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10/10 guest altar

There are two rare items that act as yin and yang in your world, the Visitor’s Altar. These shallow silver dishes are variations on his one item in the urban set, and hint at a small world as they affect visitor density. Altars engulfed in flames and emitting crackling golden particles increase the maximum number of visitors, while unlit and dusty altars prevent visitors from spawning in the area.

Garden Galaxy is an idle game and keeps running in the background while you use your PC. So over time visitors can build up everywhere and interact when they are ready. This item helps control the flow, and its variations increase the number of coins you can collect.

9/10 leaf

garden galaxy red leaves placed stones between grass tiles fir tree near stone fencing at twilight

This is another item with two variables (this time green or red). Available in the Forest Collection, these rare leaves can be placed on top of most other items and tiles to blend in with your natural space. However, when you interact with it, small leaves of each item’s color drift gently across the screen like a breeze.

This effect allows you to switch the galaxy between spring and autumn atmospheres. The drifting fallen leaves also overlap with the rainfall effect of the umbrella item, giving you a refreshing feeling.

8/10 wooden pedestal

Garden Galaxy Three wooden plinths with flowers and pots

A separate item from the more common Stone Pedestal, the Wooden Pedestal is a rare cousin to the Forest set. Gold-set pedestals increase the chances of items spawning, while wooden pedestals stop them altogether. This negates the effect of stone pedestals no matter how many you set.

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This trick is especially useful if you’re trying to complete an item set for example and only want the last few trades from the trading pot. Likewise, if you’re overwhelmed by a particular object, such as a generic tile, you can definitely stop the influx to make room for new items to pop up.

7/10 honeycomb

Garden galaxy beehive on wooden pallets stacked between grass tiles and farm tiles

Who could have a Garden Galaxy with sweet little bees? It actually looks like the part next to the farm plots and vegetables that can be obtained with Farm Coins.

To increase your chances of landing some of these Buzzy Boxes, put other coins in the carrot-shaped piggy bank. If you have a few wooden pedestals, fill them with other farm set items you don’t need anymore.

6/10 stacking stone

Garden galaxy stacking stones stacked above water and waterfall near bamboo and bull rush at twilight

With this flat little stone, you too can become a meditative person who keeps the balance of river pebbles precarious. You can stack other items on top of it. In the game he has 6 rocks, all of which can be placed on the Stacking Stone.

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When you first receive your stone, a small question mark will explain that it is made specifically to be stacked, and it comes in two shapes for maximum personalization of your stone pile.

5/10 bird bath

Garden Galaxy White Bird Bath Stone Fencing and Candles Beside Pond and Floating Water Lily

Another rare item that affects your surroundings is the Bird Bath. This item pairs nicely with other classic items such as the Iron Lamppost and Marble Planter. Once placed, a tiny white bird instantly appears and flies around your little world. The range of birds is quite large and they mostly perch on top of other items.

There is a similar item, Birdhouse, from the forest set that attracts black birds with the same mechanics. In theory, the entire galaxy could be filled with flying little birds.

4/10 big fish

Galaxy garden water tiles with large fish pond weed items at dusk

Part of the Water Collection, this item is often overlooked when used to decorate ponds and lakes. A few green algae float on the surface of the water tile, and the shadow of a large fish comes into view. This fish explores the water you place it in. Like birds, they have a fairly wide range.

Big Fish Algae are stacked to create a lake with cute fish flying around. As with many of the rare items on this list, there are colorful variations.

3/10 lucky cat

Garden galaxy lucky chinese black and white cat on top of stool at twilight white tiles

Lucky Cat is another rare item with two color options, based on the belief that this small statue will bring prosperity and good luck to your home. Whether these cute cats affect your chances of receiving rarer deals from Pot is up for debate.

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When placed and interacted with, both move the air with their feet to the music. This is a common mechanism in real lucky cat statues. You can find them in the Silver Collection. This is not a rare coin, but you will need some luck to find these.

2/10 easter island statue

Garden Galaxy Easter Island Statue Water Feature Water Lily Between Grass Tiles and Bamboo

In exchange for silver coins, rather than water coins, you can find water features reminiscent of the heads of Easter Island in Polynesia. It comes in two colors, Terracotta and Stone, and can spit out water when touched.

Despite the abundance of coins, you’ll find a surprising number of rare items in your silver collection, so be sure to keep your silver piggy bank. This statue will look great as a striking centerpiece in your garden.

1/10 cauldron

twilight evening dusk coal cow skull and pine tree

Finally, one of the strangest and most magical items in the game: the Cauldron. Another one of the Black Star Coin Curiosity set. Most of them have a decaying feel to them, like dead trees and cow skulls. Its description only states that it changes items unexpectedly.

However, it seems there are only 3 options: the item will be bigger, the item will be smaller, or it will be a lump of coal. Totally sure you want to put something in one of these tricky cauldrons. This effect is a great way to alter groups of the same item, such as staggering a plant’s growth stages or creating a miniature he copy of the garden next to the original.

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