2007 Ford Edge shudders when accelerating

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My 2007 edge doing same thing, have replaced tss, and oss and still shudders and torque converter locking and unlocking, only shudders when torque converter is locking. I have to shut over drive off to get it to unlock to stop shuddering, if it is locked and not shuddering under acceleration, it will lock and unlock raising and lowering the. Vehicle Shudder problem 1. Failure Date: 06/20/2016. The contact owns a 2007 Ford Edge. While driving approximately 20 mph, the vehicle hesitated and vibrated violently. The vehicle was driven back to the contact's residence where the engine was turned off. After restarting the vehicle, the failure recurred a few moments later Ford Edge Shakes When Accelerating: Causes. There are quite a few reasons that your Edge would shake when accelerating. Here are the most common ones. They are presented in a somewhat logical progression. 1. Misfire. Vehicle Speed: A Misfire can be felt at any speed, but is most noticeable at low RPM Ford E150 van shudders at 35 mph, when accelerating and going uphill at all. It also seems to jerk or shift hard when you give it gas, if you've let off, somewhere around 45 to 60 mph. 2007 ford edge has had to be pulled in to ford service center three times in 6 months.. trouble appears when starting car after driving about 20 miles in.

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Shudder Symptoms. Torque converter shudder fells like a slight to heavy vibration in the transmission, and is usually accompanied by an interruption in power transfer. It generally occurs at part throttle and light acceleration, between 15 and 50 miles per hour, just before the shift to one of the top gears where the converter reaches lock-up 1997 - 2003 Ford F150 - Hesitation/shudder during acceleration - 2002 f150 4.6L 140,000mi, automatic My truck has had a hesitation/shudder during acceleration off and on for the past few weeks. It does not do it if accelerate in park, only in gear. Had a tranny shop look at it and they said tranny worked great, that..

If you are driving a 2007 Ford EDGE, or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Power Train Automatic Transmission problems and defects.Total reports: 17. I Own A 2007 ford edge, Purchased In May 2007.The Transmission Seems To shudder When Upshifting Or Downshifting At Speeds Between 35-55 Mph A rattling engine can be very disturbing. If your Ford Edge is experiencing this problem, we'll cover the most common causes. A rattling engine can be caused be the exhaust, timing chain, loose accessories, and much more. Engine Rattling Causes: Ford Edge. Here are the most common causes of a rattling sound in your Edge: Exhaus The Turbine Shaft Speed sensor and the Output Shaft Speed sensors are a more frequent failure with the early Ford Edge models 2007 and 2008 with the 2009 and..

Show example Ford Edge Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection prices Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection Service It can be frustrating for any driver to expect certain acceleration from their vehicle only to find that the vehicle seems to be hesitant while speeding up I have a 2007 Edge AWD automatic and in June 2014 at approx. 140,000 miles the trans gave out leaving only 1st and 2nd gear. $3,400.00 for the repair and in the shop for over a week. Within the few weeks of having it back we started noticing intermitting shudder, bucking, and just not the way it was originally, and a small oil leak 2007 Edge Hesitation on acceleration. Have changed coils and plugs. Is there an EGR on this car? Could it be the - Ford 2007 Edge SEL question. Search Fixya how to change transmission fluid in a 2007 ford edge sel. Read full answer. Be the first to answer Nov 21, 2013 • 2007 Ford Edge SEL. 0 answers This happens ONLY while in OD, no matter how fast, so far I get the same results anywhere from 45mph to 75mph, lightly hit the gas and it shudders. If I just cruise in OD, there is no shudder. There is no shudder in any other gear while at the same rpm range 1400-2000, depending on speed. There is no problem shifting gears whether I am driving.

With jerking probably it feels that your truck does not have any torque or power when accelerating from about 30-35 to 50 and up if you press your gas pedal hard enough. if you do press it gently and very slow - does it still jerks? 2007 Ford Expedition Estimates. Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement ($391 - $401) in Tombstone, AZ. Starter. Only have 56,000+ miles. Transmission fuel was changed at 22,000 and 51,000 miles. Shudders when sharply turning wheels and reversing, using accelerator at 1mph. Also, shudders a little less so, upon braking from 40mph to 0mph. Dealership wants to change transmission fuel, but what else could it possibly be? Many thanks I have a 2005 Expedition with 110,000 miles on it. This past week it has started to shudder while accelerating between 1 and 1.5 RPMS. Usually it only occurs going uphill, but also on occasion while driving on level road. Once you increase RPMs and change gears the shuddering stops The 2007 Ford Edge has 26 NHTSA complaints for the vehicle speed control at 79,085 miles average. (Page 1 of 2 Hello there. Many possible faults can cause your 2013 Ford Focus to vibrate upon acceleration. From your description, it sounds like you are describing an engine misfire. Misfires can be caused by many issues, but the most common are spark plugs, coil, fuel pump, fuel injectors, MAF sensor, vacuum leaks, or a wiring harness fault

2 Posts. #3 · Jul 19, 2018. My 2013 SEL ecoboost shudders when under load such as going up even a slight grade. When you lift off the accelerator or depress it futher, shudder stops. Idles and starts fine. No decrease in mpg. So far, new plugs and coils. New injectors. Walnut shell cleaning of valves Noticed a shaking when I accelerate. It's a 2002 quattro audi all wheel drive I changed the ball joints and the whole arm i.t had made a big difference when acceleration it's applied but still still shake a little.. was wondering if a bad alignment could mark make this happen, there shaking was both sides but after replacing control arms it's way better bit right side still shakes ford dealer replaced ptu cover and intermediate shaft seal. on may 29, 2009 leak was detected again from ptu unit. ford replaced again! on june 9 2014 vehicle has leaks of ptu and rear differential seal again. out of warranty! estimate cost to repair is $1600. after research the ptu is a problem on the ford edge 2007 and 2008 models 2007 Ford Truck Edge AWD V6-3.5L. Test F: DTC C1279, C1280, C1281, C1282, C1516, C1517, C2769, C2770 - Stability Control Sensor Cluster Fault. Vehicle Brakes and Traction Control Antilock Brakes / Traction Control Systems Testing and Inspection Pinpoint Tests Test F: DTC C1279, C1280, C1281, C1282, C1516, C1517, C2769, C2770 - Stability Control. Shudder on acceleration issue 2007 Ford Edge SEL, Powerstop F/R Brake Kit, TXT LED 6000K Lo & Hi Beams, W16W LED Reverse Bulbs, 3BSpec 2.5w Map Lights, 5W Cree rear dome lights, 5W Cree cargo light, DTBL LED Taillight

Geschwindigkeit und Performance gehören zu unseren wichtigsten Prioritäten. Deshalb bietet Opera zahlreiche Funktionen, mit denen du und dein Computer schneller surf 2007 Edge Shudders between 40-50mph. A friend is giving us a 2007 Ford Edge for our son. There are known problems but we cant figure out exactly what is going on. When driving between 40-50 mph the suv vibrates or shudders. You can accelerate thru it and it doesn't do this at any other speed. There is no vibration or shuddering while idle or. I am getting a shudder in the truck under hard acceleration in the lower gears. It disappears as speed builds and the load is diminished. 1999-2007 Ford Super Duties. 6.0L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain CC, SB, 4x4, Sonic Blue, Born On Date 6/03/03, DPPI Turbo Back Exhaust, Edge 2 Mini Pack, Acetoned Emblems, Self Installed. Below are 11 clear reasons why your car shakes when accelerating. Engine Complications. Most vibration complications start from the engine. Sometimes it's a shudder other times a shake from your engine. When you experience such vibrations, it may be a sign that your engine is deficient of either air, spark, or fuel If you are driving a 2007 Ford EDGE, or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Engine problems and defects.Total reports: 21. The 2007 ford edge Started To Have A Problems, Shaking, Stalling. 6/1/12 Took Vehicle To Pep Boys Thinking It Was A Sensor Or Something Similar. The Ignition Coils Were Melted From A Enclose Explosion Of The Part.

Step 3. Replace the pan along with a new pan gasket. Scrape off the old gasket with a gasket scraper, making sure the pan is clean. It is not necessary to replace the transmission filter if the car has low mileage. However, replace the filter, regardless of the mileage, if the fluid is dark and discolored. Remove the jack stands and lower the car Same scenario; I rarely rev beyond 2-3K RPM for max fuel economy. Started getting a bucks/clunk on highway, under acceleration at 60 -70 MPH at low REVS. Mechanic changed a plug and was better for a while. CEL flashing once again and throwing P300/ along with 3 associates cylinders Ford 2001. Anyone experience a shudder in overdrive? One mechanic thinks changing the torque-converter would solve this issue. Ford sold me a small tube of, Motorcraft additive friction modifier, which did not work, or maybe I have not given it sufficient time. Any ideas is appreciated 2007 F150 5.4L 3v. went thru hell trying to figure out why on rapid acceleration engine would roar and truck would not accelerate until rpm's reached 4,000+ then lurches forward and settles down. showing no DTC's(codes), no check engine light it was very discerning trying to find the problem. eventually, the engine started idling noisely and. The transmission has developed a bad clunk when accelerating from rolling start. Transmission shudder when downshifting from 6th gear when engine bogs or attempt to increase speed that doesn't require a down shift. 2007 Ford Edge 4dr SUV. 265-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

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  1. 2007 Ford F-150 4x4 King Ranch, Edge EVO, Volant CAI, Factory NAV 2006 Ram 2500 CTD, 4x4, 48RE, SMARTY #3, 305 BFG ATs, WeatherTech FloorLiners, RAQ Radio with Alpine Type-Rs and 4GB iPod 2005 Mercedes CLK-320 2007 Honda CR-V EL-X 4WD 2004 Chevy 3500 Duramax Dually 4x4 1997 Chevy 1500 Suburban 2W
  2. istration's data shows complaints regarding sudden acceleration in Ford vehicles (including Lincolns and Mercurys) soared from 2005 to 2007.
  3. So, in a nutshell, vibration when accelerating is due to faulty inner CV joints, clicking sound when turning is due to faulty outer CV koints. What about vibration at idle speed on A/T, but only when in gear (P or R) Carlos Leyva on February 15, 2019: So in a nutshell. Inner CV joints cause vibration when accelerating
  4. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Car shudders when turning Inspection. Once the problem has been diagnosed, you will be provided with an upfront quote for the recommended fix and receive $20.00 off as a credit towards the repair
  5. A shudder or vibration may develop while driving at speeds between 35 and 40 MPH. Our technicians tell us this condition is commonly caused by a failed automatic transmission torque converter.It is recommend to replace the torque converter and install an updated powertrain control module (PCM) to correct this concern.. To review some comments from the RepairPal community regarding this issue.
  6. Transmission shudder is often considered to be much worse than it is when people don't actually know what's going on. It seems like your transmission is shutting down completely but that's not actually the case. It usually occurs when you're shifting into overdrive or when you are already in overdrive but pushing the vehicle a little like going up a hill or some such

2007 Ford Edge. History: Regular scheduled maintenance performed always, garage kept, taken well care of. Mileage at this time is 145K. ***driving along (in town) when I noticed the Edge was idling really low (note: 2 weeks after scheduled oil change, inspection and new battery)-all of a sudden heard this terrible clanking noise Truck shudders between 45 and 55 MPH - 2004 Ford F150 FX4. I have a 2004 Ford F150 FX4 and I've been having a (hopefully) minor problem for the past 15k miles or so. At normal city driving speed, 45-55 mph, Big Red (that's her) tends to shudder a bit. Picture yourself driving a 50 mph. Unless you are constantly watching your speedometer. I have a 2007 Ford Edge AWD SEL 3.5 L with 180,000 miles Last time I drove it, multiple times the rpm surged 1000 over, stayed there for a few seconds, then dropped down to normal. While this surge was happening, no acceleration was attained by pressing the gas pedal. By the time I got to work, the car barely moved when giving it gas Top 10 Reasons Your Car Hesitates When Accelerating or Driving. 1) Bad Throttle Position Sensor. 2) Vacuum Leak. 3) Faulty Fuel System. 4) Faulty Ignition System. 5) Dirty Fuel Injectors. 6) Bad Oxygen Sensor. 7) Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor. 8) Bad Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor 0:00. 0:00 / 1:01. Live. •. Many Ford F-150 pickups with EcoBoost have a condition where the vehicle shudders or stalls during normal use. In the most severe of cases, the truck will actually go into limp mode causing the engine to lose all power. This issue seems to be primarily from humid states like Texas and Florida

I own a 2007 ford edge, purchased in may 2007. The transmission seems to shudder when upshifting or downshifting at speeds between 35-55 mph. It is apparent when taking your foot off the gas to slow and then applying gas to speed back up I have 2015 ford Diesel AWD 69000 on clock and it's shudder when I turn either direction. Small turning no issue but full turning with acceleration it's shudder. Mechanic can't find any issue. Front tyre is bad and wheel alignment need readjustment. any suggestions will be great help

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Asked by Zholcomb23 Dec 15, 2016 at 10:12 AM about the 2004 Ford F-150 FX4 SuperCrew 4WD Question type: Maintenance & Repair I have an 04 f150 with the 5.4 it's shaking when accelerating but does NOT do it all the time..sometimes it runs perfect Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2005 - Shudder At 65 Or 75 Mph - Check Engine Light Came On. Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2005 - Torque Converter Shudder Under Light Acceleration Going Up A Slight Grade. Ford - Explorer :: 2003 - Rear Axle Shudder When Turning Either Direction From A Stop. Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2007 - Shudders When Turning From Stop An engine that hesitates, stumbles or misfires when accelerating or when it is under load, is an engine that is either sucking too much air, not getting enough fuel, or misfiring. If the Check Engine Light comes on, you may find any of the following codes: P0171, P0174 Lean fuel condition codes. P0120 to P0124 Throttle position sensor codes Acceleration shudder diagnosed by Ford. Read thru this for lots of info. Reply Like. 01-04-2012, 03:43 PM #6 ECinc. Junior Member . Join Date: Nov 2011. Location: Erie, PA. Posts: 21 Likes: 0 Received 0 Likes on 0 Posts Happens to me. I never really noticed it until I had a heavy load in the bed, then I really felt it.. ISSUE. Some 2010 Taurus, Edge, Flex, Fusion, Milan, MKS, MKT, MKX and MKZ vehicles built 10/1/2009 to 12/31/2009 and equipped with all wheel drive (AWD) may exhibit a shudder/chatter/vibration driveline sensation during a tight turn, or a thump/clunk noise on light acceleration. These symptoms may also occur under 40 MPH (64 Km/h), on tip-in.

I have a 2012 Ford Focus with automatic transmission with about 22k miles on it. No check engine lights on. When accelerating from standstill it always stutters a little as if it's not really 'catching on' properly (just in first gear it seems). It doesn't do it once you're beyond 5 - 10 mph and it doesn't do it either when for instance stepping on the gas pedal while driving. The 2011 Ford Edge receives the second-most complaints at 415, while the 2012 model year receives 208. While some model years seem to be only excelling in its number of complaints, there are some model years which have proved more reliable for owners. Model years 2009 and 2010, for example, only have 19 and 47 complaints, respectively the smell occurs 100% of the time under hard acceleration or wide open throttle, with or without the ac on or in ac recycle mode. from the forums that i have read, the owners of ford edge's and ford explorer's with the 3.5l v6 are experiencing the exact same issue that i am. the smell is overwhelming to all passengers that ride in the vehicle

Summary: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2005-2014 Mustang, 2004-2011 Ranger, 2009-2011 Mercury Milan, 2006 Ford GT, 2008-2012 Fusion, 2007-2010 Edge and Lincoln MKX, and 2009-2010. Truck: 2000 f-250 diesel. 6 speed manual 4x4 crew cab short box. stock height stock tire size Tried a search but came up empty handed. My truck makes a vibration/shudder coming from the rear end when i turn left or right. It only happens when i apply throttle while turning. Seems to be worse.. 2007 Ford Edge. Predicted Service Costs. Assuming typical miles & conditions. (and the light is on), helps keep your wheels from spinning on slick surfaces or during initial acceleration. On. 2011+ 55-60mph 5.0 Shuddering and EcoBoost Engine Miss/Loss of Power - Possible Fixes - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans HMM [email protected] thinks not such a problem or Steering wheel popping over bumps/rough terrain - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans Maybe they are all Bullies and its in there heads

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2007 - Hesitation And No Power At Acceleration Nov 30, 2014. code showed bank 1 misfire. and now that it is in the low 20s and teens it is sputtering . Need more info. The contact had the vehicle diagnosed power control failed the coil melted. I own an Huna f150 2007 and when I accelerate it to a 45-50 miles ratio. NHTSA ID: 10056003 TSB ID: TSB-14-0098 Ford/lincoln: some vehicles are experiencing a type of noise, a howl or growl, emitting from the driver or passenger rear wheel area. model 2007-2010 edge, mkx. 02/24/10: Other: NHTSA ID: 10032234 TSB ID: SI-20010 Ford: some multiples vehicles replacements may require revised as built data. the new level.

Edmunds' expert review of the Used 2007 Ford Edge provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we drive every car we review, performing. The Ford Edge transfer case recall is for North American 2015-18 Ford Edge models. The transmission is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. You will come into problems at some point. The gears may become stuck. If the transmission fluid leaks, that needs to be patched quickly. There might be jerking. Delayed shifts will cause acceleration problems View all 193 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2007 Ford Edge on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2007 Edge

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August 2007. Exactly Jeep did this back in the mid 90s with the Cherokees and Grand Cherokees. People said that they were having sudden acceleration problems and that the brakes wouldn't stop the car. They did several tests with the gas all the way to the floor, 4wd engaged and the brake pedal fully depressed 2006 Ford Expedition. My Ford has 113K miles on it. The truck, when getting up to higher speeds runs and shifts perfect.We changed the ignition coils and spark plugs, transmission fluid, oil changed, and got the catalytic converter checked and it test fine. The U-joints are good to. The problems are that the idle is fine, but when coming off from a stop accelerating to around 30 mph the RPM. The type of transmission fluid the 2007 Ford Edge uses is synthetic atf 134. The transmission fluid needs to be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Along with fluid changes, terrible sounds will come from the transmission. Old transmission fluid will be awful to the ear. A worn out torque converter will cause a headache. The transmission is one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle

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My car is vibrating while sitting in park at a Idling. What is my problem ? It's a 2000 Ford Mustang. It only vibrates when setting still, and acceleration. What do I do ? Sam on March 28, 2019: Hi Eddie, I have a 2007 Honda Civic. As soon as I reach speeds over 80km/h, the steering starts vibrating The shudder is not present under hard acceleration and feels as if the transmission is normal. Yesterday, my wife felt a hard knock while going down the freeway following a downshift going up a grade. After the loud knock, everything worked fine for the next 40 miles. Today, the shudder has returned within the first 5 minutes of driving i have a2007 ford focus 1.6 si hatchback and when i take off from start the car vibrates or shudders but once i engage into 2nd gear the car goes well thereafter, this only happens when i take off from 1 st gear. my mechanic told me it could be the flywheel 2007 gt 4.6l 5spd. Used to chirp tires hitting 2nd gear easily. Now shudders and shakes. Any ideas ? This is my 1st ford muscle car. Not experienced with ford yet I started noticing some excessive vibration of the chassis under acceleration about 4 days ago. The vibration or shuddering is most noticeable at highway/freeway speeds. I suspect that it's there when driving around town but not as noticeable at slower speeds and/or starts and stops. I wouldn't say the vibration is violent but you can feel it through the seats and body of the car, don't really.

13.10.2019. Steering pull, especially to the right, on acceleration, and on a front wheel drive new vehicle, is extremely likely normal and is referred to as torque steer. The heavier you have your foot into the accelerator the harder the torque steer exhibits itself Torque converter shudder is a shudder or brief shake in the vehicle after internal clutches apply in the torque converter. Most torque converter shudders happen at about 45MPH. It is similar to running over a rough spot on the road or running over a cattle guard UNKNOWN OR OTHER. Date Reported OCTOBER 01, 2007. NHTSA Reference #10032234. TSB Reference #SI-20010. Description: FORD: SOME MULTIPLES VEHICLES REPLACEMENTS MAY REQUIRE REVISED AS BUILT DATA. THE NEW LEVEL SJB SERVICE PART INTRODUCED BETWEEN 10/07 AND 02/08 WILL REQUIRE ENTRY OF AS BUILT DATA. *PE I did notice on the way home that on take off, at about 10mph I have what I can best describe as a shudder, then it smooths out. Also the speedometer jumps slightly like a clocks second hand going back and forth a second. Put it in park. Idles fine at around 550. Pushed to 1000 and smooth as can be. Got to 1500. Still smooth April 1, 2013. Consumers in 14 states have filed a class-action lawsuit against Ford over unintended acceleration in cars built between 2002 and 2010. The suit, which was filed in a West Virginia.

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2007-2010 Ford Edge Drivers: Some 2007-2010 Ford Edge drivers are on the edge regarding their vehicles. Are you experiencing any of the following: transmission slipping, jerking, or lurching forward? lack of power feeling like the vehicle is in neutral? chugging when accelerating? pausing between gears? dropping out of gear I own a 2007 ford edge, purchased in may 2007. the transmission seems to shudder when upshifting or downshifting at speeds between 35-55 mph. it is apparent when taking your foot off the gas to slow and then applying gas to speed back up. i have taken the vehicle back to the dealership to be checked and was told it was probably flat spots on.

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VIBRATIONS WHEN ACCELERATING, COASTING, BRAKING. FIX! Check Out Our Website: http://mechaniclifestyle.com OUR MAIN CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/2ad33QG 2013 GT8.. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 1, 2010. I recently bought a new F250 with the MCX conversion which includes custom paint, 6 inch fab tech lift, and 35x12.50x20 wheels. The truck is brand new and I notice a shutter/vibration in the rear end on take off. From a dead stop, if I accelerate hard the shudder/vibration is more noticeable Ford Model: Focus 1.8 TDCI Zetec Climate. Ford Year: 2006. UK/Ireland Location: London. Share. Posted September 30, 2015. its normal like said above to get a little bit of smoke on hard acceleration, i get the same myself. if you havent blanked the EGR with a blanking plate i recommend doing that ASAP, as it will help Hesitation At Acceleration. Last few months truck has been idling a little rough and then it'll smooth out. But most, not all, but most of the time when I'm accelerating from a stop or even while moving like an on-ramp, the engine sputters. I put new plugs in (took those worthless E-plugs out) and replaced the wires

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2007 ford edge has been shifting gears heavy (especially low) and getting worse. Last week it should have down shifted to 2nd but instead up shifted to like 4 or 5th gear and I lost any real power to get up the hill. The noise itself was a very noticeable bang and shudder March 2006. in Ford. I have had my truck in 3 times so the dealer could check out a vibration I'm having. They dont seem to know what it is. I feel a vibration at idle around 550 RPM. If I push the gas a little it seems to smooth out. The vibration comes back around 1100 rpm then smooths out again then back at around 2200 rpm

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Ford's 2.0L EcoBoost debuted in 2010 and is a turbocharged, inline-4 cylinder direct injection gas engine. Ranging from 200-252hp and 221-270lb-ft of torque, the engine combines modest power levels with great fuel efficiency There are a few more things to know about diagnosing Ford truck 4WD control issues. If you suspect the magnetic clutch isn't working due to a rough 2H-to-4H shift, check the resistance of the coil. It should be between 2 and 5 ohms. If it's not, the coil is defective

I have a 2007 Expedition with 85k miles. When I accelerate up through 2nd and 3rd gear there is a vibration as if I am running over warning rumble strips. It only does this when I maintain a constant speed at about 25 to 40 mph. If I hard accelerate through the gears and get up in speed the vibration doesn't happen at all Ford F-150 1981 Ford F150 ranger V8 302 100000 miles. Transmission Oil Spark plugs Fuel filter Wiring Jerking/Hesitation. I recently changed the oil, filter, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, wires and fuel filter. I filled it with gas and it started to shudder and pull to the right, hard. There is no visible signs of bushings or control arms. 187 Responses to Defect Alert - Ford F 150 Transmission Shudder #1 Richard Clark says: February 6th, 2011 at 9:27 am. I am experiencing the hard shift from 2 to 1 and again from 1 to 2 when taking off. The TSB reflash has been performed twice, but the truck still experiences this normally when the truck is cold. #2 kevin kierstead says Check engine light flickers and the engine loses acceleration. Ford F-150 2012 57000 miles. Check engine light Loses power Code P0300 Code P0302 Code P0306. When the truck goes over 4000 rpm the check engine light flickers for about 20 seconds, and at that point the truck loses acceleration and then it goes back to normal Ford F-150 drivers have reported transmission problems with their 2017, 2018, and 2019 trucks. Find out how a class action could help. Attorneys are investigating whether a class action can be filed over possible transmission problems in 2017-2019 Ford F-150s after drivers reported hearing a clunking noise when starting the trucks 2007 Ford Edge. Does Ford's key contender in the popular crossover segment have the edge? MARK GILLIES. Oct 1, 2006 View Photos. For any number of reasons, the Edge is a hugely important vehicle.