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i’m ticking “The reality is that people can no longer afford homes…that’s the real reality,” said a real estate agent interviewed for an article about home sales slumping. And then he said, “But it’s a buyer’s market now.” how does that make sense?

I’m excited Too many TV ads feature frequent ringing of doorbells. I have a hard time figuring out if I need to get up because my dog ​​is barking or is lame. I feel it is not necessary.

get annoyed Insurance companies do not explain flood insurance to most customers. Most people assume that if they don’t live in a flood prone area, or if their mortgage company doesn’t require it, they won’t suffer flood losses. Costly lessons learned in the two hurricanes of I’m a scared cat, so I always carry it with me. Home insurance is a solid explanation to customers, and I think it’s all about it!

we in january I paid over $500 for this season’s subscription at the Garden Theater. No information regarding future theaters or seasons has been shared anywhere, and no refunds have been offered to subscribers.

I’m excited The airline industry makes us believe that air travel is safe again, but it’s not! After catching one flight, we caught Covid! I was fine for 3 years during the pandemic.

thanks to lynx From our travelers head to Route 436 South. It costs $2 ($1 for seniors with an Advantage Card) all the way to the airport from Fern Park. Buses run daily from 6am to 10pm. There is always enough space for your luggage. It’s definitely better than parking a taxi or car at the airport for a week. Thank you Lynx!

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