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By applying a few basic principles, even novice gardeners can create and maintain attention-grabbing containers.

Plant selection depends on location, light and temperature. Containers can hold many different types of plants, including houseplants, succulents, herbs, vegetables, and even small shrubs and trees. Choose plants with similar growth requirements for your container. How you arrange your choices depends on where your container is. If you look at the pot from all sides, the classic approach is to place the taller plant in the center, surround it with shorter mounding plants, and finish with ridged plants along the edges. When viewing from the front, place tall plants in the back, short plants, then ridged plants in front. If you don’t know the design, place the plants on the soil to visualize their placement before you start planting. You can adjust it according to your needs.

A good rule of thumb when choosing plants is to choose “thrillers, fillers, and spillers.” The thriller should be eye-catching, colorful, and the focal point of the container. Take a walk through your local nursery and find out what attracts you. It could be a tall plant, or one with large, showy flowers or interesting foliage. Of all the plants in the container, it should attract the most attention.

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