Tips on caring for potted Christmas trees

A few years ago, I was hugged and questioned by a friend at a church in Jeromesville. We go to friendly churches. The question is, “Can you buy a tree that is rolled into burlap, plant it in a pot, and keep it outside or in front of your house all year round?” was.

This week I received another question: a round, burlap Christmas tree sticking straight into the ground. A second friend is “probably”.

It will require some special work, but yes. You can grow trees in pots. Both of my friends care a lot about trees and the environment. Both have mixed feelings about cutting down trees for their living room each year. According to his research, 81% of the Christmas trees sold in 2019 were artificial. We also know that in 2018, the National Christmas Tree Association said he sold $2.56 billion in Christmas trees, compared to $1.32 billion in 2015.

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