Top Cool Spaces of 2022: Victorian dollhouse, red doors, wildflower garden and a puppet studio

STATEN ISLAND, NY — From wildflowers to pretend play, 2022 has a diverse collection of cool spaces.

You can’t go wrong when introducing color to your home or door. Staten Island’s red doors always tell a vibrant story.

My personal favorite is the detailed Victorian dollhouse. This photo scale element of his essay was both fun and challenging.

It was also great to check out this garage-made art studio. We hope this will benefit the art community for years to come, just as it did in the past when it was Howdy Doody’s Puppet Studio.

And I’m sure some of you have been inspired to create your own wildflower gardens after seeing this.

If you have a home you’re proud of and would like to share it with our readers, please email us for consideration in 2023.

Happy new year!

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