Trustees Garden Christmas Festival underway

Savannah, GA (WTOC) – If your child grew up in Georgia, chances are you’ve never seen real snow.

One group made it a mission Saturday to bring children in the Savannah area to play in the snow.

At the Trusty’s Garden Christmas Festival, an Atlanta-based company created patches of snow in the hills for children to sled on.

There was also a simulated snowplow blowing near the mini train area.

Dozens of families attended the event, and there were food trucks and various vendors, but undoubtedly, people went for the snow.

“I want to go snow sledding first!” A lot of people have Christmas lights up on their trees and a lot of great events, but I don’t think there’s anything quite like Christmas in Savannah today,” Kathy Kurasawa said.

Kurasawa added that Charles Morris Sr. owns the property and helps organize the event to do something good for the community.

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