Tyler’s new convention center on track to open this spring

This new conference center features 23,000 square feet of meeting space, a built-in stage, catering kitchen, and 3.5 acres of parkland.

Tyler, Texas — Bringing Tyler a modern, efficient convention center, the WT Brookshire Conference Center is well on its way to opening this spring.

The center will replace the former Harvey Convention Center, which was demolished in 2021. Located next to Tyler’s iconic Rose Garden Center, this new conference center features 23,000 square feet of meeting space, a built-in stage, catering kitchen and 3.5 acres. park.

Our first hope was to have the doors open in November, but the same shipping and manufacturing issues caused some delays.

Deputy Mayor Stephanie Franklin said in a sneak peek of the facility Thursday that construction is progressing as planned for a spring opening.

“A lot of progress is happening today. A lot of progress over the months. We finally got inside and corralled the structure,” Franklin said. “We are installing kitchen equipment that is finishing the floors and finishing the bathrooms.”

She said one of the most prominent features is the arches and brickwork that enhance the beauty of the building. A local artist is working on her pint of large vinyl for the dressing room area and a large mosaic of her art work in front.

The City of Tyler is thrilled to have a state-of-the-art facility near the Rose Garden, Tyler ISD’s Rose Stadium and a unique spot adjacent to the historic Mayfair Building, Franklin said.

“We think it’s going to be a huge economic driver for groups coming to the city of Tyler looking for unique experiences, and that’s what we’re offering,” said Franklin. “We don’t offer a conference center that looks like most conference centers throughout Texas.”

Franklin added that Tyler city leaders are looking forward to bringing this brand new facility to Tyler.

“I can’t wait to see what this brings and what kind of travel and tourism it will bring to the city of Tyler. I think they are,” said Franklin.

Franklin said he expects the exact date of the opening to be announced by the city of Tyler in the coming weeks.

“In the coming weeks you will see the fence being removed, a lot of the earthwork and the parking lot being completed,” she said. “So I think in the next few weeks we’ll really see that we’re pretty close to completion.”

Visit Tyler’s president, Shari Lee, said Thursday was an exciting day as city officials stepped into the much-anticipated conference center and gave a sneak peek.

“We’ve had the demand for conference centers and conversations for over 30 years,” says Lee. “We came all the way in today and went inside today to see that this building perfectly accommodated all our needs over the years.”

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