‘Ud’s Garden’ to be performed at Rockport Opera House

There will be a reading on January 7th at 2pm. woods gardenan inhuman, coming-of-age original play of war in which humans challenge the gods of Valhalla.

It was written by Ruth Graham and directed by Paul Hodgson, Artistic Director of the Everyman Repertory Theatre. The reading will be held at ROCKPORT OPERA HOUSE. This event is free and open to the public.

Dean Jorgenson plays Wohan, the tyrannical god, and April Layman plays Cleo, the young human who confronts him. Other members of the cast are Larry Lehmann, Katie Stearns, James Cook, Rafi Baeza, Megan Gurdon, Pat Harpel, Andrew Lipman and Henry Kaufman.

Playwright Ruth Graham is best known for her play about Vietnam Veterans produced by Kim Murphy in 2018 for the Camden Public Library. Her most recent works are two short plays. pete please When Million dollar view.

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