Waikiki Sunset’s golden globes evoke Hawaii

Last week, The Garden Guy tried to distract himself from the impending doom of an Arctic blast with tiny Mele Kalikimaka in Hawaii. i know i failed. If you are a gardener, you are in pain.

I, too, was leaning towards a mood of dark hysteria brought on by five days of temperatures between 11 and 17 degrees. Then Lifeline arrived in the mail. We just received his new Spring 2023 preview catalog from Proven Winners. On page 14 are the new 2023 Proven Accent Plants, one of which, Waikiki Sunset, took me back to Hawaii.

Even though the toast is burnt, the color comes back. If you’ve never grown Waikiki Sunset, know that it’s a mood-altering, uplifting plant kingdom. Waikiki Sunset offers views of the Bright Side. But before we explain why, let’s get down to the botany or taxonomy of this treasure.

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