Weather Conditions Set To Ignite Colour Explosion in UK Gardens

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Cold weather may be back, but the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is predicting Our gardens bloom in a rush of winter colors.

According to the world-renowned gardening charity, the plants that were held back by the December cold snap are all blooming in sync. Witch hazel, winter-blooming honeysuckle, Chinese quince, hellebore and snowdrops are now in full bloom, and RHS predicts the long-lasting display of winter favorites will continue into his February.

The unique explosion of colors is thought to have been caused by last summer’s heat and light, recent above-average temperatures driving growth speed, and freezing conditions in December providing the chill needed for the plants to flower.

witch hazel flower

Witch hazel is expected to bloom

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RHS Horticulture Director Tim Upson said: Said.

“Spring hasn’t yet sprouted, but the flashes of dogwood stems and the intense scent of winter-blooming honeysuckle help ward off the blues of winter, and these dramatic displays are set to last well into February.”

Snow Drop

snowdrops are blooming

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Last year, salvia and roses bloomed in the south until December and temperatures plummeted. RHS says it has been an exceptional 12 months for the gardens. Meanwhile, the charity also explained that climate change could increase weather variability, causing more frequent extreme weather events and disrupting flowering patterns.

Time to go outside and admire the fun that surrounds you…

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