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10 years' experience in designing and manufaturing wave spring! Used in aerospace/automobile/petroleum/medical equipment/wind energy etc Präzision auf höchstem Niveau mit unseren Kugellagern. Rufen Sie jetzt an In stock fully dense Alumina Oxide and Zirconia Oxide ceramic washers is the most widely used advanced ceramic materia Tap washers are cheaper to install and can be stored easily at home, but they may need to be replaced more often than ceramic discs. How often that is, anyone can say. But using good quality washers and reseating will promote longevity. These are standard nylon/plastic washers and tap spindles

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What is the difference between ceramic discs and rubber washers?Rob explains the benefits of ceramic discs, which are used in all BathEmpire showers, bathroo.. How to dissemble a ceramic tap valve so you can stop a dripping tap and how to remove the limescale if you live in a hard water are 2 Set Ceramic Tap Cartridge 1/4 Turn 20 Spline, Tap Valve Replacement for Shower Bath Taps with Washers, Tap Glands Seals Repair Kit, Solid Brass Ceramic 4.4 out of 5 stars 18 £6.81 £ 6 . 81 £9.99 £9.9

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12pcs Flat Rubber Washers Rubber O-Ring Seals Water Pipe Connector Replacement for Faucets and Shower Head(3/4 inch) 3/4 3.9 out of 5 stars 42. $6.19 $ 6. 19 $7.99 $7.99. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Get it as soon as Mon, Jul 26. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazo Ceramic disc taps come in two pieces. The inner spindle unscrews from the outer bonnet. You need to seat the inner spindle first then the outer bonnet goes on and seals against the tap body. You will have to polish the tap seats to ensure a positive seal and a smear of silicone based tap grease on the rubber seal will ensure it doesn't grab on.

First of all, to mend a leaking tap you will need to follow one of two sets of instructions depending on the type of tap fitting which you have. Decide According to Your Tap Style Whether You Will be Changing a Washer or a Ceramic Disc. A leaky tap can make a frustrating companion. Most people hate its constant drip, drip, drip Also fixed the basin hot tap making banging noise washer had come loose. Turned the water back on the two problems sorted but the kitchen sink tap has now got a few slight drip on it, ceramic discs. Guessing some dirt has now got lodged in this With a ceramic disc tap or shower, all that is needed to turn a tap off is a quarter turn and the water flow will stop straight away. On top of that, ceramic discs do not wear out like conventional rubber washers and will just keep on going. Ceramic disc cartridges are made with two ceramic discs, each with two holes for mixer taps or one hole.

Replace a Ceramic Tap Cartridge. To change a tap washer, start by turning off the hot and cold water supply and draining the lines by turning on the hot and cold faucet taps. Then, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry off the faucet tap, and remove the screw under the cap. Next, pull off the tap handle, and loosen the hexagonal packing nut. We have cartridges, tap spindles, handles, flanges, washers, and miscellaneous parts. If you have a ceramic disc tap that needs a replacement part, take a look at our 1/2 turn, 1/4 turn, and 3/4 turn spindles, our basin or wall spindles, 6, 12, 16 and 20 teeth spindles, chrome spindles, mixer tap parts, gold spindles, and seal kits Delaware Tap Valve 15mm 5/8 (Pk 2) Fixatap 203151. $7.80. $7.09. CODE : 1000251. Add to Cart. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Quickview. Duro Copper Tap Valve 12mm (Pk 2) Fixatap 205124 Ceramic Tap Washers. Ceramic tap washers, often called ceramic disc washers, tend to be found on newer tap assemblies. They are commonly found on so-called 'quarter-turn' taps and monoblocks (mixer taps), where the operating mechanism doesn't require rotating the tap head through multiple turns to start or stop the water flow It's 03:30 in the morning I have just joined and this is my first post. I have just given up in replacing a ceramic disc cartridge which I thought was going to be pretty straightforward but has turned in to a complete nightmare. I have a KWC Domo single lever swivel spout kitchen tap. The tap has been leaking for a few months now from where the.

Ceramic tap washers can last years, but other types can last for as little as twelve months depending on how frequently they're used. Rubber tends to degrade faster than nylon and vulcanised fibre, and hot water tap washers deform more quickly than their cold water counterparts Roger shows you how to replace a ceramic tap valve cartridge.Replacement Brass Ceramic Cartridge: https://amzn.to/3y77SFk#Plumbing #DIY #HowTo=====.. Strange they do not match they may be either conventional washers or ceramic cartridges, if the taps turned round sevral times to operate chances are they are conventional ½ washers. if ¼ turn they will be ceramic cartridges and the whole insert needs changing. If unsure whip one out post a pic and you can just pop it back till you get a reply 8mm spline. Ceramic tap glands to fit most ½ taps. Red and blue washers for easily identifying hot and cold. With Threaded Collar; 8 x 8mm 20-Tooth Splin

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Investing in taps with ceramic disc cartridges is a good idea if you can't bear the thought of another leaky tap or DIY tap washer change. Ceramic disc taps are resilient and durable, meaning that you won't need to change them nearly as often as you would for a compression washer Primaflow Fibre Washers - 8 X 12mm & 2 X 19mm Pack Of 10. (4) £1.74. £0.17 per EACH. Primaflow Bath Tap Washers - 19mm Pack Of 2. (4) £1. £0.50 per EACH. Primaflow Black Doughnut Washer For Close Coupled Toilets - 1.5 Inch The retaining washer here acts just like a normal tap washer, providing a seal between the tap and ceramic disc. They are kept in place by water pressure. Below the brass locking nut, you will discover your monoblock tap's ceramic disc cartridge. Remove the retaining washer and tap it on the kitchen or bathroom surface

Found this video useful? Please hit the like and subscribe button for us! Parts from www.tapmagician.co.ukVideo showing how to swap compression / Standard ta.. Compression Valve - Older taps, often referred to as a compression washer tap, tend to use rubber washers. Ceramic Disc/Valve - Modern taps often feature ceramic washer mechanisms. Ceramic Cartridge - Similar to the ceramic discs but ceramic cartridges are designed specifically for single monobloc taps Spares to repair your Ceramic Disc Tap Valve in your Basin Bath and Kitchen taps. Our Range of spare parts includes spare internal white ceramic discs, Silicone Seals / Gaskets. O'rings and Washers and metric conversion / adaptor bushes, handle spline adaptors, tapered M4 screws and seating extension pieces. The seating extension pieces can be used to lengthen the seating depth on a non. 13 Assorted Mixed Rubber Washers Tap Bath Sink Shower Seal Drip 3/8 1/2 3/4. £2.49. Set of Replacement ceramic disc & silicon washer insert turn 1/2 for valve Tap. £4.49. 15Pc RUBBER TAP WASHERS S/M/L Plumbing Seal Buffer Packer Ring Bath Sink Shower. £2.90. Tap Washers 3/8, 1/2, And 3/4 x 15 Assorted Rubber Buy Tap fittings & spares at B&Q - 1000s of DIY supplies 300 stores nationwide free delivery on orders over £50 products reviewed by customer

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  3. e, so looks like I have to replace the whole tap unit, which is a pain & expensive. However this is because I have no idea of the brand of tap etc (it was there when I moved in) - if you go for ceramic then make sure you know where you can.

This is where ceramic disc can provide a more resilient alternative that can extend the life of your faucets. In place of the traditional washer, two ceramic discs are used, one of which is fixed, the other being turned by the levers. The tap only needs a 90-degree rotation, which aligns these two discs, allowing the water to flow Many taps now use ceramic discs. Method of Operation Instead of creating a seal by forcing a rubber washer onto the end of the water feed pipe, they use two ceramic discs each with matching slots in them. These are held over the end of the water feed pipe. The lower disc doesn't move while the upper disc is turned over the lower disc by the tap. How to repair a ceramic tap, with advice on tap valve fitting, ceramic tap washer repair and ceramic tap cartridge replacement. It is very rare for the ceramic discs to wear out and the need to replace them is even rarer. It is, most often, just a case of dismantling the moving parts and servicing them To replace a ceramic disc you would need to get a replacement cartridge from your tap manufacturer. Changing a tap washer - the tools you'll need Don't start the job before you've got the. We are available to offer you help and support, we can offer advice on how to remove tap handles, how to remove stiff and corroded valves, how to correctly install and fit your new ceramic cartridge, How to convert to ceramic type cartridge, How to repair / renovate your tap cartridge, changing a ceramic tap washer, how to install ceramic disc.

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The ceramic discs don't often cause the drip, its the pressure washer that's underneath. Some good merchants stock the pressure washers but you'll have to take the insert with you. Or you can buy a whole new insert but I priced some up for a customer and 2 inserts came to 60quid from bristan Features. Watermark SAI Global. Ceramic Disc Spindle. Brass construction. This 1/2 turn Shaw & Mason spindle of brass construction is for both hot and cold applications and is suited to various faucet brands

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  1. Can't get tap valve off to change washer. We've had a dripping tap since we moved in to our new house, and I thought, hey, changing a washer! That's a good entry level DIY job for a new home owner. Let's get on that. I got the tap off easily enough, but for the life of me I can't get the valve to unscrew. I've tried hot water and WD40 (not at.
  2. Tap glands are also known as tap valves and typically sold in pairs. In some cases the same gland can be fitted to either the hot or cold tap as they open in the same direction. If you're replacing a old tap gland, make sure you measure the diameter to ensure you purchase the correct size

Product Details. • Ceramic tap glands to fit most 1/2 taps. • 20 teeth on the spline. • Red and blue washers for easy identification. Pre-12pm Delivery - £10.00 or £5.00 for orders over £25, to arrive before 12pm on the scheduled days above Saturday Delivery - £10.00 or £5.00 for orders over £25 & FREE for orders over £75. But if the seat is to thin from wear and tear then your only option is to replace the entire breach. Key points you need to know when reseating a tap is: Turn the water off. Flush all the brass filings and remove any water filter or restrictors. Service the tapware while you have the water off and replace the washer, orings and body washer Open the tap as far as it can go. Remove the top section of the tap and discard the old washer and jumper. Place the seat in the base of the tap, and fit the replacement jumper into the top of the tap. Fit the top of the tap to the tap base and screw down the tap - this will force the new seat into position. These replacement seats/washers are. Tap Valve Cartridge Mixer Ceramic Disc Washers Spares Quarter Turn 50mmX20 Teeth. Description: *100% brand new and high quality *Equipped with drip-free ceramic disc valves for long life and smooth feel. *Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use *Replacement ceramic disc tap valve 1/4 turn cartridge headwork 1/2 *Pair BSP 1/2 (For sink taps) x 20 teeth x 50mm Spares & Servicing. Information on our sales and servicing centres who can supply genuine Franke spares and guarantee service for all Franke products. To enable us to process a guarantee claim, please ensure you provide us with the following information to avoid any unnecessary delay: Please complete the relevant form with this information here.

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She had trouble turning off conventional taps. These ceramic ones only require a quarter turn from off to full on and worked brilliantly with on need to turn the tap hard to stop drips. On the ones she had, when a disc broke however, the tap was left running at full pressure not just dripping when a conventional washer type tap fails What can I get installed instead of tap washers? To save the hassle of changing washers every 12 months, install ceramic disc spindles which are known to last up to 10 years - providing dirt or grit in the water line doesn't shatter the ceramic disc. Ceramic disc spindles are more expensive than washers, but the spindles seem to last a lot. Ceramic Tap Cartridge washers spares parts inserts valve PAIR 1/2 20 x 52mm. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (4) 4 product ratings - Ceramic Tap Cartridge washers spares parts inserts valve PAIR 1/2 20 x 52mm. £7.49. (£3.75/100g) FAST & FREE. 215 sold

Franke Olympus Tap Handle Lever Retaining Screw 2mm 133.0084.677. . Here you can find all the Franke Taps Spare Parts that we have in stock. Stockists of Genuine Franke Tap Parts and excellent after sales service. DIY Guides on all our Franke Spare Parts products to assist you in fixing your dripping Tap Flat Tap Washers - 19mm - 3 Pack. £1.50. Say hello to pristine, leak-free taps when you stock up on tap washers and rings at Homebase. These essential additions to your toolkit can be little lifesavers when it comes to bathroom plumbing. Screw them in when fitting your taps for a quick and easy watertight seal A dripping tap or leaking tap usually means that the tap washer needs renewing, but it can also be caused by a damaged valve seating. If the drip is from a mixer nozzle, then change both tap washers. *Turn off the water under the taps at the service valves or at the mains. Can ceramic taps be repaired

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Because a portion of the valve seat is lower than the rest of the seat, water squeezes past the valve and causes the tap to drip. This is when the householder turns the tap off tighter, squashing the valve until it makes contact with the valve seat all the way around, but this always causes deformation of the jumper and wrecks it in a short time For bathroom mixer taps, a leak is usually caused by an issue with the ceramic cartridge inside the tap. If you take the cartridge to a local plumber's merchant you should be able to pick up a replacement. Hot and cold pillar taps may contain washers that are simple to replac

Was I unlucky to get two duff washers or is there a deeper problem? Why is it dripping, can it be that the water pressure is wrong, I have opened and reduced the stop cock. Can you replace this ceramic cartridge with an older twist tap? I do not want to replace the tap as it is soldered in and very hard to get at Fixing a dripping/leaking tap all depends of the type of tap. Either a new washer or a new ceramic tap gland. Deburring the seating on tap body is also another idea so the washer can seat down properly to prevent and drips. Ceramic taps come in all different sizes but reviver kits can get over this different sizes Compression (Rubber Washer) Tap Valves Single valves that wind down to open and close - the same valve can be fitted to either hot or cold side as they open in the same direction. Available in the following sizes: 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 BSP thread size

Wilko 0.5 inch Tap Washer 4 pack. 0343240. £0.30. Write a review. A pack of 4 1/2 inch Tap Washers. Just what's needed for fixing those dripping taps. Always read instructions. View product information ». £0.30 Simply screw in Easyseal product to fix leaking tap without bothering to frequently change tap washers. Use ¼ turn garden tap insert to replace the leaking and stiff garden taps without to remove the whole tap. Contact us for your tap issues. We can help! 08 94709666

Pair of 3/4 quarter turn ceramic disk bath tap valves - 57mm Tall. Hart 3/8 BSP Quarter Turn Tap Valves (Pair) £19.25. Add to Basket. Replacement 3/8 quarter turn ceramic disk tap valves (sold in pairs) 20 teeth on spline. Hart 1/2 BSP Quarter Turn Plastic Tap Valves | Lead Free Tap Valves £14.95 Turn the water off at the main outside, open the tap to release pressure and remove the tap handle. With a shifter, remove the spindle. When re-installing make sure to turn the spindle all the way to open, otherwise you can squash the new washer (believe me, many plumbers make that mistake) In this style of tap, a rubber washer at the base of the valve forms a seal to stop water flow. If this washer wears away, then drips can occur; A ceramic valve uses ceramic discs rather than rubber washers. Both rubber and ceramic washers come in different sizes so you need to make sure you replace like for lik Most leaking mixer taps are due to damaged ceramic cartridges or washers. A mixer tap is a great safety device which prevents scalding and allows the user to get water at just the right temperature. That is, if there's water at the top of the tap , water somehow leaks through to the bottom of the sink.. Tap washers; How to replace a tap washer. Turn off the water supply. Some sinks will have an isolation valve underneath, otherwise turn it off at the mains. If you're here to find out how to change a tap washer on a mixer tap or hot water tap, turn off the boiler and immersion heater, too. Put the plug into the plug hole

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How to Replace Washers in a Bathroom Sink. The average cost of a new bathroom sink washer is $.79, at the time of publication. A master plumber can earn $50.00 per hour. Common sense dictates that. Steps. Turn off the water to the tap. Look in the cabinet under the sink for knobs to stop the water, if not there go look at the water meter. Turn the water off and then open the tap to relieve the water pressure. Identify if you have a ceramic or a washer tap. If it's a traditional tap with a hot water tap and a cold water tap that turn. Kinetic Add-A-Tap Y Fitting 20mm Male/20mm Male/20mm Female Thread. (0) $18. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Kinetic 15 x 15mm Chrome Plated Male / Male Y Fitting. (0) $15 .49 Tap Washer Pack (140 Piece) is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 62 . Rated 5 out of 5 by Gizzo from Handy tap washer assortment Perfect assortment to have before you start dismantling a tap to check what size is needed. You should find it in this box. Date published: 2021-05-27 Oracstar 1/2 inch Rubber Hose Union Washer. £2.00. An essential part of daily household life - whether you're filling up the kettle for a cuppa or running a relaxing bath - taps need care too. So whatever you're after, you can be confident Homebase has the tap accessories you need to keep your water running smoothly

Howdens Kitchen Tap Spares. Whether you are looking for a replacement kitchen tap valve, o rings or other spare parts for your Howden's Lamona kitchen tap model, then browse the vast selection of tap models below that we provide spare parts for. Can't find what you are looking for then click here to send us a message Two flow tap cartridge replacements which are 1/2 thread collar quarter turn with ceramic disk. The two quality cartridges have the same measurements with one with a red silicone gasket for the hot tap and one with blue for the cold tap. The silicone gaskets are reinforced with metal. There is a screw gland on the top and a screw fitting. Back in days of old, taps and shower fittings always used rubber washers to prevent dripping. Ceramic disc cartridges are made with two ceramic discs, each with two holes for mixer taps or one hole for a pillar or two handle tap. One disc is fixed in place whilst the other moves with the tap handle A replacement pack of two brass cartridges, ceramic tap glands, identical to the originals, cost 17 from B&Q. Seems that changing a. washer can be expensive these days. After completing the job, I found that I could take one of the old ones. apart. The two ceramic plates with the quarter-holes, appear to be held

Wilko Tap Washer Assortment 11 Pack Add to basket Add (opens a popup) Adding. new. Wilko Assorted Hose Clips 4 Pack. £2.00. out of 5 stars. Wilko Assorted Hose Clips 4 Pack Add to basket Add (opens a popup) Adding. Wilko Compression Appliance Connecter. £3.00. 5 out of 5 stars (2 Before starting to repair your dripping tap, it's essential to switch off the water supply to that tap. You can usually identify if your dripping tap uses rubber washers or ceramic discs by simply turning the tap handle. If the tap uses ceramic discs, then the handle will only rotate a quarter or half a turn Material: Silicone. Fits for valve,easy to install, it is durable. We will do our best to help you to resolve your problems. Blue Height: 6.5mm The picture on the right, is a ceramic tap body, from the inside of a bath mixer. They tend to be larger than the standard tap body, this one would require a 22mm spanner to remove. Although there is just one moving part, the upper ceramic disc with two triangular slots in, they can still wear over time, and drip Replacement ceramic disc tap valve cartridge quarter turn 20 teeth bath 3/4. £8.79. + P&P. Seller 99.9% positive. Replacement Ceramic Discs Silicone gaskets 1/2 quarter turn tap valve cartridge. £4.99. + P&P. Seller 99.9% positive. Replacement Tap Valves Ceramic Disc Cartridges gland Quarter Turn 20 teeth 1/2

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  1. Ceramic Disc Taps - Ceramic Disc Tap Fitting or Servicing with Washer and Valves Repair or Replacement Tutorial Give us Some Feedback! We love feedback on our DIY tutorials it helps us to make them the best they possibly can be so if you have any comments you would like to share with us, click the button below and let us know
  2. To find it if you have ceramic disc tap or washer, give your tap a turn. If it rotates only a half or a quarter then you most likely have a ceramic disc. If you can turn it further, you've most likely got a washer or O-ring. Getting Stuck In. For this thrilling adventure, you'll need: An adjustable spanner; Slot and cross-head screwdrivers.
  3. Tap Magician stock the widest range of BSP 1/2 and 3/4 Replacement Spare tap valves you will find anywhere on the web. Our range of 20 tooth Ceramic Cartridges are suitable to replace Kitchen, bathroom, sink bath and shower valves. Our valves will fit most taps from manufacturers such as Blanco, Perrin & Rowe , Abode, Atriflo, Avilion, Cooke & Lewis, B&Q, Bathstore, Damixa, Ikea, Magnet.
  4. Ceramic Tap Cartridge washers spares parts inserts valve PAIR 1/2 20 x 52mm. EUR 8.65 (EUR 4.33/100g) EUR 6.93 postage. 210 sold. 3/4 replacement washers for Ceramic disc valve tap cartridge insert repair BATH. EUR 5.76. EUR 6.93 postage. 118 sold. 25 mm Replacement Ceramic Mixer Tap Cartridge Disc Valve Basin Sink
  5. Once you have removed the ceramic tap cartridge you will need to identify the thread size. In the UK 95% of taps are either BSP 1/2 (Basin size) or 3/4 (Bath size). The BSP British Pipe Standard doesn't refer to any physical dimension, which is very confusing and is why we display all the dimensions in mm. Our 1/2 valves measure 18mm.
  6. Most of the time, if a tap in your home is leaky, dripping or hard to close it's the result of a broken washer. While it's possible that your leaking tap's a 'washerless' tap (i.e. one with a ball, cartridge or ceramic disc mechanism - see the 'Types of taps' article linked below), it's a lot less likely that these taps will be leaking like this. You can usually tell if you have a ceramic disc.
  7. You may have some bits missing from your new tap a nut, C clamp and rubber C washer also maybe an O ring to fit in the base of the tap and seal to the sink top. Might be able to reuse some old parts but the rubber bit may well be past it. teabreak, Apr 10, 2021. #22. Nanook likes this

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A traditional tap will use a tap washer. Whereas, something like a Monobloc tap (a type of mixer tap,) will use a ceramic disc, housed in a cartridge. These parts are likely to need replacing to stop a dripping tap. However, if it's a traditional tap you're dealing with and replacing the tap washer doesn't stop it leaking, it could be the. Kitchen taps are essential for providing fresh running water for everything from cleaning vegetables to washing up after mealtimes. A variety of styles make it easy to customise the look, including geometric designs for modernised homes, curved features for those with ergonomic considerations, and classic styles for rooms inspired by heritage interiors Primaflow Ceramic Gland 7mm Spline For 3/8-1/2in Taps. Product code: 425027. Standard delivery - from FREE. Standard delivery - from FREE. £4 or FREE over £75. Orders that include Big and Bulky items will incur an additional delivery charge. Please refer to our Delivery Details for more information The first stop when looking for a noisy tap culprit is the washers. When washers become worn out or aren't the correct size, they can cause a pretty rowdy faucet but luckily they are easily fixed. In order to check your taps washers, turn off your water supply at the main (not just the tap!) and dismantle your tap

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Modern ceramic disc tap valve with white ceramic discs inside the valve : If the tap still drips the problem may be with the tap which may have corroded or pitted internally where the washer close onto it.You can buy a kit to fix this. They are easy to use. Simply screw the re-seater onto the tap having removed the valve Flomasta ½ BSP Full Turn Brass Threaded Tap Glands Pack (3279F) Product rating. 4.9. out of 5 stars. (90) Compare. Compare. With Threaded Collar. 8 x 8mm 20-Tooth Spline Zenith M8-M10-M12 Zinc Plated Assorted External Star Washer - 6 Pack. (0) $2 .72. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Zenith M14-M16 Zinc Plated Assorted Internal Star Washer - 6 Pack. (0) $3 .60 Deva. Blending ingenious innovation with beautiful design, Deva's bathroom taps and kitchen mixers are renowed globally for benchmark performance, distinctive aesthetics and environmental mindedness. A pioneer in bathroom plumbing, Deva has supplied showers and taps in the UK for over 25 years. And it's this expertise - combined with a.

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Add to basket. 1/2 Tap Washer | ⌀18.6mm Flat Rubber Washer. This flat tap washer is used in many older bathroom basin, kitchen sink taps and 1/2 inch BS1010 outside taps. Approx physical dimension : 3/4 inch / 18.6mm diameter (the name of the washer does not match up with its actual size). £0.17 Ceramic Tap Valve Cartridge Gland Turn Quarter insert BSP 1/2 x 53mm 20 Teeth. £6.49 to £13.99. FAST & FREE

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  1. Ceramic mixer tap cartridges are more hardwearing and durable than the rubber washers found in older taps, offering greater control over flow and temperature. Here's how to clean a tap cartridge Remove the tap head cover (also known as tap inserts) before removing the tap head using the screwdriver and then the cartridge retaining nut underneath
  2. Was I unlucky to get two duff washers or is there a deeper problem? Why is it dripping, can it be that the water pressure is wrong, I have opened and reduced the stop cock. Can you replace this ceramic cartridge with an older twist tap? I do not want to replace the tap as it is soldered in and very hard to get at
  3. ute job on the other hand
  4. then it's just a matter of cleaning all the parts, put new o-rings in, a new tap washer and grease the parts (spindle thread and shaft where o-rings fits) new washers and reassemble going to trial the doust washers in the shower this time - get about 2 yrs out of the hydroseals so we'll see how the doust ones g
  5. And if further tinkering is needed, stock up on washers, bolts and backnuts to make sure everything fits together again. If your tap isn't running at its best speed, try a new nozzle or spout to get it back in tip-top shape. Whatever you need, check out our line of tap accessories and have your taps turning again
  6. Taps with ceramic discs at the base of the tap operate differently to conventional taps with washers and spindles. A cartridge is situated in the body of the tap that contains two ceramic discs, each with two holes in it. While one disc is in a fixed position, the second disc rotates when the handle of the tap is turned
Replacing Tap Washers - UK - YouTubeKraus CKCV15015001CH 18 3/5 Inch Square Ceramic Sink withFranke MTK 651 Mythos Ceramic Sink - BBK DirectBrass 20 Long Spline 3 4 Ceramic Disc Bath Tap Cartridgesrepair leakey faucet with 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge - YouTube