When can you start setting up your garden on the First Coast?

Some preparations to keep your garden looking beautiful in sub-zero temperatures.

JACKSONVILLE, FL — With temperatures rising again, when’s the best time to start prepping your garden?

“There is no right or wrong plant right now in Jacksonville all year round,” says Rhonda King of Earth Works Jacksonville, but some need special care.

Check the local weather forecast here to see the temperature outlook.

She says if you plan to buy anything tropical, be sure to buy a Frost Blanket. There is a possibility.

If you want a plant that won’t have to worry when temperatures drop below freezing, try dusty miller or white alyssum. These plants produce a natural antifreeze that helps them stay alive despite freezing temperatures. To do.

She says that even some subtropical plants may still see some significant effects if they get below freezing for a few days in a row.

This was actually more common on the First Coast 30 to 40 years ago, but as shown in the chart below, the overall climate has warmed, with average winter temperatures and the amount of cold snaps in Jacksonville increasing. continues to rise.

King also said that if the plants in your garden look ragged from the recent cold weather, you should hold off on pruning until temperatures stabilize, usually in March.

This is because trimming the plant makes it more sensitive to future freezes.

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