Why Mission Garden is a must-see

Any gardener knows that the secret to a healthy plant is a strong root system. He’s one of the things that makes Tucson’s Mission Garden so special. The roots here are incredibly deep, reaching depths of over 4,000 years.

Mission Gardens is a living museum that preserves the lineage of Tucson’s amazing agricultural history. But there is nothing soothing or stuffy about this museum.

It’s green and furry, full of butterflies, hummingbirds, flowers, and full of life. The tree branches are heavy with fruit and the trellis is wrapped in vines. Hundreds of small fish swim in Acequia, an irrigation canal. The scent of the earth and the soft autumn sunlight permeate the space. And while I prepare to plant new seeds, I hear people digging and turning over bare plots. It brings fresh taste to each season.

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