Why native NC plants can be good for your garden and the coast

One day it’s 72 degrees during the day and 35 degrees at night. The next day, after many days with highs of 40°C and lows below freezing, the temperature returns to the 70s.

Welcome to coastal North Carolina winter.

Summers can be just as schizophrenic as schizophrenia, and months of drought, highlighted by triple-digit temperatures, are tropical storms that bring a foot of rain in three days. The end, followed by an even longer drought.

For coastal residents looking to test their green thumbs, the weather in the area can make landscaping difficult.I don’t mind trying to grow anything in sandy soil. As people move to North Carolina from other parts of the country, plants grown in Connecticut, for example, may not be suitable for successful backyards along the Intracoastal Waterway.

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