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SUPERIOR — Superior The Douglas County Family YMCA is planning a community garden for residents in need of fresh produce.

The Senior City Council approved a five-year lease for land on Hill Avenue north of the YMCA where the gardens grow. Additionally, grants approved on Tuesday, December 20th will help get the garden started.

The YMCA leases approximately 18,000 square feet of city-owned land for $1 a year and is renewable.

According to Hannah Bourgault, the YMCA’s marketing and community outreach coordinator, the grant will help cover the cost of completing about 10 beds and installing a system to water the garden. .

The YMCA will install a 275-gallon gravity watering container and a 500-foot drip irrigation hose with a timer to automate watering the plants.

The YMCA will also be planting four fruit trees throughout the YMCA grounds for easy access to fresh produce. Trees include his two apple trees, one pear tree, and one peach tree that were developed by the University of Minnesota to withstand harsh winters and disease.

According to Bourgault, construction of the gardens, which will begin in late spring weather permitting, is actually the second year the YMCA has a garden. This year, she said, they were able to get started in containers with the help of Superior Community Gardens.

The garden’s vision is for volunteers to plant and maintain a YMCA community garden, making the produce freely available to anyone who needs it.

“If you want zucchini, come and have it,” Bourgou says.

The YMCA will provide a starter for its 2023 year of growth and see how it goes.

“We don’t want financial barriers,” said Burgoe.

The YMCA is looking for volunteers to start a vegetable garden in the spring. For information or to volunteer, please contact hbourgault@superiorymca.org or communitygarden@superiorymca.org.

Volunteers do not have to be gardening experts. Because the YMCA cooperates.

“We are very excited,” said Burgoe.

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