You Can Start Your Garden Early With This Hack

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It is now January. So that means ordering the seeds in the mail, sharpening all the tools, spring ready, sprouts with grow lights and heat mats. means

TikToker and gardener @learntogrow1 have the perfect hack for planting seeds right now, so if you think it’s too early to start planting seeds, think again.

This gardener is a genius! Using a plastic gallon milk jug, the woman cuts the jug in half perfectly, leaving a small piece attached to the corner and lifting it up like a hinge. plant the seeds of She closes the jug, tapes it to the sides, and leaves the top of the jug’s lid off. , giving the seeds the optimum atmosphere for germination.

When it comes time to transplant them into the ground, they have already acclimatized to the sun, temperature, and outdoor elements.

I love the excuse to start gardening early!

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